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Hike In the Right Direction

Well, I am happy to report, that I am taking my advice and bringing the things I used to love back into my life, with a splash of wine. Today I went on my first hike since I moved to the Savannah area a little less than a year ago. There is something about hiking that is just so peaceful. It just gives you time to think and evaluate everything.

savannah hike pic

Went to the beautiful Skidaway Island, the trails there have the most amazing views. It is a little different then what I am used to hiking. Previously I hiked in Atlanta, up in Blood Mountain. On this trail, my thoughts were slightly nervous since I was walking along water imagining a crocodile coming out to attack me. And yes logically I know that crocodiles don’t come out during the day, they mainly hunt at night, but when you have just read an article about crocodiles being more aggressive than alligators and are more likely to attack a human whether they were provoked or not and your boyfriend is making jokes about hearing a noise by the water logic would go out the window for you too.

Besides the jitters about crocodile acts and potentially falling into a hole, I truly enjoyed myself remembering exactly why I used to love going on hikes. When I was younger, and living in New York I used to go into the woods with friends riding bikes, and just having the best time not having a care in the world. But as I got older I didn’t go into the woods as often because I actually paid attention to the news of the on-goings in New York. Then I moved to Atlanta, and found that excitement and relaxation in the woods again. I wasn’t as afraid of going because there weren’t as many terrifying stories to read or hear from the news. But as I said before school got in the way, then real life started to play a factor and I couldn’t find a balance. Today I think I am actually starting to find my balance, definitely a hike in the right direction (had to do it).Savannah Hike

I’m hoping to have more to report back soon. I hope that soon I will be on a track with my life, that when I take a step back I will be happy with. Until next time…


P.S. Check out my Photo page! I am posting more pictures from the hike!


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