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Standing Jerks, Burnt Rice, & Musical Gods

This weekend had to be one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. Over the weekend I went to Atlanta to visit family, and we went to go see Ed Sheeran, which was amazing by the way. The skills that man has on the guitar are unbelievable! He killed it the entire show! He even improvised a couple of songs on there. Of course, we were up in the nosebleed seats, but it was totally worth it.

For my littlest sister, this was her second concert she has ever been to, her first being Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour (I know, one lucky ass kid). Unfortunately, there was a jerk that stood up the whole time in front of her. Now, normally I wouldn’t be mad because hey everyone stands up at a concert right? No, at the beginning of the show Ed Sheeran was very mellow, and everyone was sitting down. This guy was the only person standing in the entire section. So I, being the awesome big sister that I am, asked this guy politely to sit his butt down. And he did…for one song., then he was right back to standing. My boyfriend then proceeded to tell him after two songs to sit down now, and he told him no that this was “his” artist and that he had to be standing. Now I get it, when I was at that Taylor Swift concert I screamed and danced and did not care about anyone around me. But here was the difference, so did everyone else. At Ed Sheeran’s concert, no one else was standing. Eventually, we all stood but this guy did not care that he was ruining a 12 year-olds show he did not care. Not cool man. Not cool.

Other than that little mishap, the weekend was great. We went to soccer games, went to finally see Bohemian Rhapsody (I’ll come back to this) and had some delicious food. Although, there was another incident that occurred. It was an interesting dinner that involved allergic reactions, cold chicken and burnt rice. But what family outings don’t involve some crazy things happening? I know I have never had one without the craziness. Makes for interesting stories, for sure. So we went out for Hibachi ( I won’t name any names of restaurants) which normally we all love but this time we went to a different place than we normally go to and it did not go so well.

First, we called ahead to find out if we could make a reservation ahead of time (about thirty minutes before) and they said no, we only take reservations two hours in advance and it would be a forty-five minute wait for the hibachi dinner. You know, where they make your food in front of you. So we decided to just eat in the regular seating because we were starving and didn’t want to wait that long. Well, we might as well have.

The second thing that occurred was that our food did not come out for about an hour, and on top of that they mixed up my order, instead of bringing me out chicken fried rice, they brought me out shrimp fried rice, so I had to wait another twenty minutes for my food. Third, whenever they were taking our orders, my older sister made it specifically clear that she is highly allergic to soy and could not have it in her meal. What do they put in her meal? Soy. Of course, and when my sister asked the waitress to triple check that this did not have soy because she said it looked like it did since the rice was brown and not white, the waitress came back and said she was good. She takes one bite, she starts coughing running to the bathroom, my mom has to rush to take her home, and that is the end of what was a good night.

By now my dad is livid with these people. How could they make such a mistake? He, of course, gets everything squared away with his scary voice to the manager. Turns out the waitress never told the manager what was going on with our meals other than I never got my food (which was not spectacular by the way), and he ended up accommodating us for our troubles. Thank goodness my sis was fine, just took some Benadryl, good as new. We all let it go and just tried to salvage the night.

Now, to add to the grand finale of the weekend, I went to go see Bohemian Rhapsody. FINALLY!!! It was just absolutely magical, I am a HUGE fan of Queen, thanks to my parents, and was so excited to go see it. I hope every moment of their musical creations occurred exactly as they showed in the film. Bohemian Rhapsody is my favorite rock song by far. I don’t know if any of you are aware of this, but the meaning of Bohemian is a person who has unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer and Rhapsody means an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling. Now if that doesn’t describe the song and their artists themselves I don’t know what does!

I just love how music has such a way to touch people’s lives. Music can trigger some one’s memory, just like the way smell can. Music has gotten me through so much, I can relate to nearly every lyric, whether it is comforting me, energizing me or pushing me through my anger. Each song touches at least one person and changes them forever. Music just has so much power. It’s magical. It’s always a writer’s dream to touch people’s hearts and to let people know they feel the same way. We may all have different experiences but they are all so similar, we connect.

Like I said, an amazing movie. An amazing end to a great weekend. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! Until next time…



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