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High School Never Ends

High School Never Ends, I always loved that song by Bowling for Soup, it’s a super catchy song. I never thought though that they would be so very right; high school really never ends. I thought people in the real world actually acted like adults. You know, responsible and wise, never having a bad thing to say about one another (most of the time), treating each other with respect and dignity and having their lives together. That is what I thought an adult was as a kid. But apparently, it is not just kids and teens that through tantrums.

I really thought as a kid that being an adult would be awesome. No one to tell me what to do, or what I can wear, and there are no mean girls or judgy boys to ruin my day. I thought I’ll be so smart and be living in a gorgeous apartment somewhere fabulous with a kick-ass job and no troubles. No one really prepares you for the other outcomes, they just say “oh just you wait.”. Not very helpful. I never thought that the adult world would be so much like being in school.

I have seen grown men and women act petty and manipulative, treating one another like they are dirt and for what? It’s insane how people will claw their way to the top not caring what they do to others. And sometimes, there is no motivation to take people down, they are just out to get someone for their own amusement and then try and pin it on others for causing the problem. I mean, is this real?

In high school, I definitely was not one of the popular kids. I remember feeling like this would never end. I never felt like I belonged there, that I had real friends there, especially when I moved away from my hometown to Georiga right before my junior year of high school. Not the best thing to happen to a 15-year-old. So once I got into college and got a job, I thought it will all change here, things will be better like they said. But in reality, not much had changed.

See that’s something adults never tell you growing up. When you have complained that your life sucks and school is horrible they just say “Oh, don’t worry it will all be different once you get older” or “When you’re in the real world it won’t be like this.” Yeah, not so much. The only difference here is the faces, where we go every day and that we live on our own paying bills that never stop coming. Just like the song says “Nothing changes, but the faces, the names, and the trends” it’s definitely not far off from the truth.

Okay putting the negative aside, yes, some people grow up and mature. And yes not every day is like how it was before in high school, but there are always those few people that just makes you think high school never ends.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that…for now. There’s always something else left to be said about that. Until next time…


P.S. if you haven’t heard it, give the song a listen it’s great 🙂 High School Never Ends


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