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The Most Magical Place on Earth

I don’t know how I could possibly forget to write about this! I want to Disney over Thanksgiving! And as always it was magical. Happy belated Thanksgiving by the way šŸ™‚

So my family and I went to Animal Kingdom, going on as many rides as we could. And I have to say the best ride that we went on had to be Avatar Flight of Passage. Even though we waited for two hours to get on this ride, seemingly never-endingĀ torture of whether or not the next room would be it, it was totally worth it. It is a four-minute ride I think, but it truly is fantastic. I have never seen the movie myself, but my older sis Jill and her boyfriend say it is even more exciting if you have seen the movie. My little sister Kailey said once we got off the ride that she “now believes in God” because of this ride.

We also went on Everest, of course, another fantastic ride, it’s a rollercoaster that is in a cave, and you go backward at one point, and then there is a huge drop! I being the roller coaster junky that I am no longer get butterflies in my stomach on that drop, but it is totally worth it! And the wait wasn’t very long which was good. We might have had one of those fast passes though so don’t quote me. It also depends on what time you go so keep an eye on the wait times on the app, it’s a life saver

I personally love going through the Safari they have there. I tried to just be in the moment with it, of course taking a video along the way. It’s incredible that we can just pass through there and the animals leave us be. It was really relaxing and thrilling at the same time. We saw lions, no tears or bears though, but we did see giraffes and hippos. Amazing.

The real reason we went to Florida for the week though was for my other little sister Krysta’s soccer tournament, and as always she kicked ass. She is their goalie, and if I do say so myself, she is the best goalie out there. They didn’t win the gold by the end of it sadly, but they did bring home the silver! I used to hate going to soccer games as a kid, and I thought they were so boring, but I definitely got a lot of writing and studying done during those games. The games I did pay attention to though were always exciting. Jill played and her team always had something interesting going on. One game one of the girls had to be air-lifted in a helicopter because of her neck. Crazy stuff.

All in all the trip was amazing, We only spent one day at Animal Kingdom, but we also went to Disney Springs and went to fabulous restaurantsĀ it was a perfect trip minus crabbiness and long drives. Hopefully, everyone had a great Thanksgiving that included with loud, crazy families and tons of food. šŸ˜€

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