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Happy New Year!

Happy belated New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a great New Year, and have your resolutions all ready to go!

Okay so I don’t know about you guys, but so far my start to the new year has been quite the nightmare. Like the second the clock struck 12, my year was just crazy. Before midnight came around everything was so much fun! I went up to Atlanta with my boyfriend to spend time with my family that came down from New York. It was all in all a fantastic trip. On New Year’s Eve my parents threw a party with friends and family, then my sister and cousin and I decided to go out to Buckhead, and went to a club where too many guys tried with my little sister, and a girl almost face planted she was so drunk. Everything was cool until we got home at 3 am.

Turns out, my boyfriend lost my keys. And we drove my car up. It wasn’t just my house keys or something no. It was my car keys, house keys, mailbox keys and keys to my parents’ house. So we hoped we would find them in the morning but to no avail. The bar didn’t have them, the uber didn’t have them, and we couldn’t find them anywhere in my parents’ house. They were just gone. So around 11 AM I called AAA to come and get my car open to see maybe just maybe if they were inside there. Of course, they didn’t show up until after 1 PM. No keys were to be found, but I got a nice lecture from my dad about cleaning my car.

So in the end, I had to get AAA to make me new keys because my spare keys were down in Savannah. SO 200 dollars later, we are finally in progress. When we got to Savannah later that night, I found out my old spare keys will not work because they reset my keys to my car, so now I have to go to Honda and get them to make me the keys again because I don’t have a clicker. My apartment keys will be ready on Monday, so yeah. That was my New Year fun.

I am really hoping though, that that was just the bad luck of the New Year starting early so that the rest of the year will be solid!

Other than that, I really did have a lovely New Year with my family. It was nice having them around for the holidays by us for once. For our resolution’s one of my aunts said to come up with one word that sums up your New Year’s Resolutions, and mine would have to be Success. I hope to have success in my career, in my blog, with my health and personal life. It was hard trying to figure out just one word, to sum up exactly what I wanted to accomplish this year. I feel like success fits perfect.

I hope you all had a great start to the new year, and that we have your goals laid out for you. Until next time…




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