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Cooking the Days Away

I have got to say I am proud of me so far for this new year. I have been cooking, yes that’s right you read that correctly COOKING. I cooked my moms chili the other day, I made a burrito bowl with my instant pot (thank you Pinterest!), we tried a chipotle chicken casserole recipe, and I made some black bean soup. I even bought some cold cuts for the week to make sandwiches and salad and fruit. I am kicking this year’s butt by being somewhat healthy! And I have not had any fast food, minus new years day; we drove home to Savannah from Atlanta (car trips don’t count).

At first, I was really nervous to be cooking. Not just the fact that I was worried about ruining the food (burrito bowl had that moment) but also being creative and coming up with different things to cook. I, myself, am a very picky eater. I mainly like chicken and turkey and the occasional beef. So when I was looking for recipes to cook, I was trying to cater it to my needs while also looking for meals I knew my boyfriend would like it too.

Then I remembered the greatest thing ever… Pinterest. I could always turn to Pinterest in my time of need whether it be for creating more space in cramped closet spaces or DIYs for the kids that I would babysit. Sometimes I would just go on there and look up what I wanted my future home to look like. I have a board for each individual room with themes. The second that Pinterest added categories for your boards I was further in love.

Anyway, I started looking up Crockpot recipes, Instant Pot recipes, and just some regular ones from restaurants that we have always loved like the chicken fried rice from the Hibachi place by my parents’ home. YUMMM! I even started looking up different ways to cook some of the recipes that I have been doing for years. Mainly that includes my breakfast meals, I started adding almond milk to my eggs, and sprinkling cinnamon sugar in the mix for my french toast too.

This week I am going to try this instant pot recipe I found on Pinterest again, oh how I love that app. It is the most excellent app ever invented! So the methods I am trying out this week is the Pot Roast, Mexcian Shredded Chicken, and Teriyaki Rice with Chicken and Broccoli. Each recipe is, so detail oriented on there it is impossible to mess up, and most of them are done in thirty minutes. It is the perfect way to cook when you re in a pinch.

I hope I have inspired you all to cook some awesome new recipes! Or just made you jealous with this mouthing watering looking food. Not going to lie, if you don’t have an Instant Pot, you might want to get one. I thought I would never use it, but it has really helped us out and there are only two of us in this household. Definitely, something to think about for those with 2+ in the house!

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