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Story Time


I have started writing a book! Not just a book, I started writing a book series!!!! I am so excited about this; I don’t think I have ever been so excited about anything. I have wanted to write books since I was ten years old! I wrote stories all the time as a kid. I lost my way from writing books because I always thought that it wasn’t something realistic. But I have gotten feedback from family and friends, and I got to say they are some of my harshest critics. I think they really like the story plot! They have said so themselves that they love it! I have written out the first five chapters and have already written out the ending of each book (four by the way) I just need to come up with the world of the book. It’s a fantasy book based on a royal family struggling to gain back rule of their kingdom after a man steals it from them.

I know this is all very vague, but I am nervous about releasing any other specific details until I have the story complete and potentially to a publisher. Who knows maybe you guys will be reading my book one day! I feel so passionate about this story, I can’t think of anything else. I even have a few other story ideas lined up that I keep dreaming of, none of them fantasy but more romance teen stuff. I guess I am kind of re-writing how I wanted my high school years to go. Realistically, none of it would have ever happened to me, but it’s okay to imagine a different outcome.  Everyone pictures that at some point in their lives. I see it some days, others I’m happy with how it went. But I just love imagining what it could have been like.

I hope that someday soon I will be able to write a post about how my book is being published. Maybe I will. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. My sisters think so, but I think they might be slightly biased because, you know, they’re family. I showed it to my sister’s friends, and I am going to start moving it on to cousins to see what they think. But so far I have had an excellent response about it. I am so very excited to share this with the world one day!

I will keep you guys updated! Until next time…



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