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1. Knitting My Troubles Away

So as you can tell, I am making it a point to try and post every single day so that I don’t fall out of the habit of writing on here. Today I am going to write about the knitting project I started (effective now).

I recently talked with a friend about knitting, and I think I am going to try to finish a blanket (finally!). Something you need to know, I am that person who never completes a project that I start, at least with knitting. I have been promising people for forever that I will make them a blanket and trust me; it is not from lack of yarn. I just get bored pretty quick with it. I think that’s because I try to complete the project in one sitting, which just is not possible. I almost had one project completed, but I messed up the counting and decided to sew it together, and it just got ugly.

But this time, I am actually going to do it! The reason why is I am going to post the progress on here. Once a week I am going to post my progress on how I am going with my knitting. I think this will force me to try and actually complete this one. My boyfriend will be very grateful for this because he has been promised a blanket from three years ago :D.

I am not giving myself a due date, because that just stresses me out about it. I’ll just give myself the time frame of about six months to complete this project. So about… 23 posts will be made about knitting? I think that’s right, I suck at math so please don’t anyone quote this.

Here is a picture of the yarn that I will be using!

Yarn Pic

I love this yarn, it is so soft! I have tried knitting with this yarn before, and it always has been easy. I just you know get impatient, yeah know?

I’m looking forward to this because even though I would get impatient with the quickness of the project, I always found it soothing to knit. It helped me to relieve my stress. Wish me luck!

Until next time…


P.S. I counted out the posts on the calendar, and I was right! Woo!


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