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To Settle or To be Selfish?

Why is it that now a days people are settling in their lives? Why is that the common thing now? I mean, I know things have changed, things are very different from what they were before, but why do people give up on their dreams? If one dream isn’t attainable anymore, why don’t people search for a new one? Fear definitely plays a factor in all this. Convenience as well, it’s easier to settle for something you have then reach for something that you really want. I don’t want to wake up one morning and realize that I settled for something that just was convenient at the time. Instead I want to wake up and realize I have all that I have ever needed and fought for what I wanted.

I have come to the conclusion that I don’t know exactly what is that I need or want. I know I have passion for writing and reading. I know I want that more than anything is to always be writing. I hope I always have that passion. I have had that passion for writing since I was in elementary school. I know I want to see the world. I just don’t know how to attain that. Everything costs a pretty penny, but  do I just waste my life saving and saving and then realize I am too far gone to reach for that dream anymore?

I think I need to be selfish, for once in my life. I am not ready to settle. Maybe that’s stupid of me, and maybe some people will say my choices will hurt the people I love and care about, but what about me? Do I need to hurt in order for everyone else to be happy? Now that seems stupid. I can’t picture this being my life forever. Living pay check to pay check because I made a poor decision. Just because I made this decision now does that mean I can’t make the decision to get out before it destroys me?

I want so much more than this. I am not willing to give anything else up. A common saying, you only have one life so make the most of it. I don’t want to settle in my career or in any other part of my life. I want to be able to say that in my life I had no regrets. So the big question, do I settle or should I be selfish?

Right now, I think I am going to choose to be selfish. Wish me luck.

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