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The Stuff that Dreams Are Made of

I have a dream.

Big, huge!

I am going to go to college to get my Masters in Creative Writing. Where I am I going to go? Possibly somewhere in Georgia, possibly somewhere in New York. Where am I hoping to go? NYU. It’s the school I always wanted to go to, but then we moved to Georgia when I was sixteen so I had to change dreams. But now that I am old enough, I want to go for it. I want to try and get that dream back and pursue what I want in life.

The last few posts that I have made on here have not been those of happy ones, so I apologize for that, as you know (if you have been reading along) I have been going through some things. Thank you again fro letting me use this as a place to vent and just let my worries go. It has been very therapeutic for me.

So the process of applying to a master’s program as a damn hard one. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but it makes it a lot harder now that I have been out of school for two years.  I need three recommendation letters either from mentors, old professors, or employers. I need to submit a resume or curriculum vitae. I also have to write a Statement of Academic Purpose as well as a 25 page sample of my writing double spaced. I also have the option of submitting a Personal history essay, which I think I might do. And for certain colleges they get over 800 applicants and only accept 20-30. So looks like I really have to kick ass.

Now of course I also have to submit my transcript from my Bachelor’s program. Then there is the application fee. I need to look into fellowships as well.  So much fun to be had over the next few months. But I really want this. I want to do this so bad. I think this is something that I am suppose to do. Wish me luck in this whole process, I promise to keep updates on here about the process!

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