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So, I have some amazing news to share!

I posted my book that I have been writing for the last year on to the site called WattPad. It has been an amazing experience so far and it seems like people are actually liking my book!

Oh. and by the way I finished the book I was writing lol.

Sorry I have not been writing on here for the longest time. I am a very fickle human being apparently and forget to do things too easily. But I will try to be better as I am sure I will promise a thousand times more. I don’t even know if anyone really is reading these posts that I make, they are more so for me to purge my soul. Oh well.

Any way, I have posted my story! It has almost 300 views now after five chapters being posted. The name of the story is called Imperium. Here is the complete summary:

He did not move from the spot where he stood.

He did not hear Jace calling out to him.

He did not notice the key slip from his fingers, making a little clang on the cobblestone floor.

The only thing that crossed his mind is the words that he whispered out loud.

“You’re alive.”
Rayna Imperium is about to celebrate her tenth birthday, and she couldn’t be more excited. There will be a big celebration in her honor, everyone from around the kingdom will be there, near and far, including her best friend Theo Serpentine. What’s most important to her though is that she will finally come fully into her powers as a witch, or pytho as some called them.

But on the eve of her birthday, tragedy strikes when the former King of Somnium, Malum Serpentine, murders her father, King Gabriel of Terra. Through a course of events, her mother, Queen Ella, is taken prisoner, but then vanishes without a trace when accused of the murder. Her Uncle Kalevi, Captain of the royal guard, the Bellator’s, must hide her away, keeping her identity a secret when the kingdom thinks the princess died along with her father.

With the help of her aunt Catherina, her cousin Cyrus and her friend Jewel, Rayna prepares to become a witch, a leader, and as others join them, a fighter. Each step of the way, Rayna learns about who she is and finds out secrets that happened long before her. Along the way, she runs into old friends and meets some new as well as enemies that she cannot see. As her eighteenth birthday draws near, she waits for when she can take back the throne, but as she has come to learn first-hand, nothing ever goes as planned.

I hope you guys give it a chance! It is an epic/high fantasy novel. I like to think of it as Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones. Let me know what you think if anyone still follows this blog lol!

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