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Living Life On Purpose

I love that quote. It’s from the book I was telling you guys about in the last post, You Are A Badass. At the end of Chapter 4 she is talking about one of her clients that go hit really hard with the Big Snooze where obstacle after obstacle hit him as he ventured off on his own trying to make his dreams happen. The poor man got hit by a bus! Among other intense crazy things that any other person would have thrown their hands up in the air and said screw it! I give up! But he didn’t. And this is the part where she says this:

…setting an excellent example for his kids about living life on purpose.”

I don’t know why but those words are hitting me in a way that is blowing my mind right now. And I have only had one glass of white wine tonight. Living life on purpose… it is just speaking to me on a whole other leave. Do we ever really live life on purpose?

I know I haven’t. I am just living. Like I am supposed to. I have never done it on purpose. I have never purposely done something that constitutes as fully living on purpose. I guess I am just existing. I’ve tried not to just exist.

You know, that’s not just I have lived on purpose a couple of times. Like just three weeks ago when I put my book out there. That was the most courageous thing I think I have ever done. And it is paying off so far. I need to be more like that in my every day life not just in a blue moon.

I need to start living life on purpose.

I probably sound crazy to whoever is reading this, but this just spoke to me in volumes and I just needed to share it with you all immediately.

Living life on purpose… damn I wish I wrote that. LOL. Hope you guys got a good chuckle out of this post.

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