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Pointless in Seattle


This is probably a very unpopular opinion and I probably will receive ridicule from everyone I know, but I did not like Sleepless In Seattle. Like what was the point of that movie? They maybe spoke for two minutes out of that entire movie to each other and their big lines to one another are ‘Hello’! The entire time this woman has this obsession with a man she has never met and yet she thinks that he is the one!

Meg Ryan’s character Annie goes to full length to find this guy, literally stalks him from across the country, goes to his house, and finds him. She sees him from across the street with another woman who I think might be his friend or sister? I don’t know, I can’t remember, she is so close, right there he is right there and she packs it in! After they say hello to one another and she almost gets hit by a taxi which that has major importance since that’s why happened in the movie An Affair to Remember or something like that.

OH and all this time she has  A BOYFRIEND. And they are practically engaged! And her boyfriend (Walter I think?) plans this romantic trip to New York where he gives her her engagement ring that was his mothers that looks absolutely beautiful! And leaves him to go meet Tom Hanks character on the Empire State building where the son Jonah runs away to to meet Annie.

And we don’t even get to see a glimpse into their lives as a couple! Or a picture of them getting married. So basically this movie encouraged us women to pine over a man we never met from across the country and to stalk said man. No wonder woman are stalking men online!

What I find crazy is this movie is called Sleepless in Seattle, yet the way Ryan’s character hears about this guy is on a radio show in Chicago while driving in Baltimore. And they don’t meet up in Seattle or she isn’t moving there for a job or anything, they meet in New York of all places because of this almost romantic scene that happens in An Affair to Remember. This movie is all over the map and it doesn’t even make sense why it’s all over the map!

Now granted I know this was a 90’s movie and it really had such a cute idea of the little boy wanting his dad to be happy. But the reason I am so jazzed up about this movie is because I was told this was such a romantic movie. That is was going to be one of the most romantic movies I would ever watch. Yet it was not, it was more a fantasy. I have seen many movies more romantic than this one such as The Notebook, Set It Up, When Harry Met Sally, Dirty Dancing. So many other movies I could have spent time watching. Sorry Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. I love you both, but I just was not feeling Sleepless In Seattle.

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