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Have You Had Enough Wine?

The answer is always no. There is never enough wine, because it is so damn delicious. Now you know, JC Stewart.

Anyway, I came across this song on Instagram just scrolling through my newsfeed, and I am really obsessed with this singer. His voice is just great! He just seems so familiar, like I know who he is, but obviously I don’t because he is over seas in Ireland of course; because we don’t have enough singers with sexy accents coming out of the woodwork.

So from what I could cyber-stalk on this melodious singer is that this is his fourth single out, it’s call Have You Had Enough Wine? Previous singles that he has released are Free, Gold, and Parachute. Both Parachute and HYHEW are on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc. Free and Gold seem to be from a while back like about four years ago, when he just went by Callum Stewart instead of JC Stewart. I found both of the songs on YouTube and they are just as beautiful as the two other singles. I think he has a great career ahead of him.

He’s just a baby starting in this crazy industry, at the ripe age of nineteen. It’s the best time to start in the music world. You have drive and ambition, always looking for the next thrill. Of course, he is a singer/songwriter; he has been writing since he was at the twelve. The best artists contribute to writing their own music or selecting their music I have noticed. I think it just makes it more personal and gives fans a connection to the artist; a glimpse on what is going on in their life. The song HYHEW was written by himself, Callum Stewart, and Justin Parker.

HYHEW is a song filled with heartache, demons and hurting the one you love. Wondering how we got to this point in the relationship. So busy being drunk on love and wine you don’t realize the damage that you have caused around you before it’s too late. You’re just left with scars and numbness trying to figure if you should keep pretending or find a way out of it all. It sounds like Mr. Stewart is quite the heartbreaker.

My first listen to this song was the acoustic version, and you can just hear the pain in his voice, the strain of emotion in his voice. The piano just adds to the sadness of the song. Don’t get me wrong, the original version of the song is just as beautiful, but you just hear the rawness of the song in the acoustic version. You always do, I usually prefer acoustic versions of artists songs because it gives you an idea of how the song started out.

The opening line of the song is Don’t laugh and say it’s not an issue, because I’ve seen your demons come to kiss you already off the bat you know this is a relationship that started out rocky on it’s own. The knife cut them deeper then they thought it would be.

I look forward to hearing more music from him as the year goes on.


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