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What to Give Up?

What do I give up this year?

It’s a question that I have been pondering over and over all day. What should be my sacrifice this year? Should it be something related to food so I can torture myself once more? Should it be computer time? Phone time?

What exactly do they want you to give up? I always thought it was things that were bad for you. Like chocolate, wine, or cigarettes.  Things that are bad for your body. That’s what I always thought it meant during Lent. Because that’s always what my mother and father gave up during Lent. Fast food, chips, soda, chocolate, alcohol, candy, you name it it was talked of giving up during Lent.

But thinking about it the last couple days, and thinking about what I have been through over the last year I think that I am going to give up something that’s more toxic for my health then process foods and sugar induced drinks.

I am going to give up negativity.

My goal this year for Lent is to give up the negativity that surrounds my life. And to start it off I am going to give up my negative thoughts. I am the queen of overthinking and negativity, especially during my low days. If there is anything that has left me feeling horrible about myself, and feeling ashamed for my poor habits its the negative things that I hear on a daily basis and the my own thoughts.

I have tried over the last year to take care of my mental health and make sure I put myself first in everything that I do because I had never put myself first before. But things aren’t perfect, I still fall into old habits, and I think this will be the perfect way to reinforce what I have been working towards this past year.

Wish me luck.

Until next time…


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